As a client is my identity safe on chief bwette website?

Chief how safe and private is my personal information when i send it to you?


I pride myself in assuring my clients that at Chief Bwette love spells, privacy is the profound pillar of my existence. In work place like mym where work is to change people's feelings, understand how any feeling should be changed you need information about the person in question. Information that might be at the highest peak of the owner's secrecy limits. Information that the owner needed to keep as secrete until he dies. It’s this information that makes me savvy whenever I plan to get new equipments that I use.

  • I am the only person in my shrine that access all messages, enquires and personal information sent in by my clients
  • I never mention or talk to any other person not even those that work for me about any of my client's issues, names or any personal related details.
  • Once my client's issue is solved, I personally delete all email and SMS message conversations from my computer and phone systems.
  • I never publicise any of my client's information.
  • If a client writes a testimonial to testify or review my services or products, I personally contact them for a written consent to allow me to publish the testimony in question.
  • I allow my clients to change their names when they use my comment and testimony sections in order to hide their identity if they wished to do so.
  • I allow my clients to use no photos on their account profiles if they wish to do so